About Us

DailyWealth is published by Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is an independent, subscription-based publisher of financial research, serving individual investors, registered investment advisors, hedge funds, mutual funds, and investment banks. By focusing solely on research, Stansberry Research avoids the many conflicts of interest that are inherent in traditional research and trading firms. For almost twenty years, Stansberry Research has served millions of investors in more than 150 countries around the world, providing in-depth research on stocks, bonds, currencies, real estate, and commodities.


The DailyWealth Investment Philosophy

In a nutshell, our investment philosophy here at DailyWealth is this: Buy things of extraordinary value at a time when nobody else wants them. Then sell when people are willing to pay any price.

You see, at DailyWealth, we believe most investors take way too much risk.

So our mission is to show you how to avoid risky investments, and how to avoid what the average investor is doing. We believe that you can make a lot of money – and do it safely – by simply doing the opposite of what is most popular.

But we cover much more than the day-to-day opportunities we see in the markets. We’re also committed to sharing the world’s best wealth ideas…strategies that will help you safely and steadily build a lifetime of wealth.


About Dr. Steve Sjuggerud 

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud is the Founding Editor of DailyWealth and editor of True Wealth, an investment advisory specializing in safe, alternative investments overlooked by Wall Street. He believes that you don’t have to take big risks to make big returns.

Since Steve joined Stansberry Research in 2001, he has found super-safe, profitable investment ideas for his subscribers that the average investor simply never hears about… until the big gains have already been made. For example, Steve recommended buying gold back when it was trading around $320 an ounce.

Then he made one of his biggest, most important calls to date – the “Bernanke Asset Bubble.” – when Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke promised to keep printing money to save the economy. True Wealth readers saw gains of 419% in health care, 133% in technology, and 96% in biotech, among others.

Steve was also one of the first analysts we know of to correctly call the bottom and recovery in the housing market – positioning his readers for gains like 191% in the Blackstone Group and 82% in the U.S. Home Construction Fund.

Steve is also the creator and editor of True Wealth Systems, which uses powerful computer software – similar to the kind found at hedge funds and Wall Street banks – to pinpoint the sectors most likely to return 100% or more. And in 2016, he launched True Wealth Opportunities: China, where he explores the huge opportunity he sees building in Chinese stocks. Over the next several years, more than $1 trillion will flow into China’s stock market. Many of the best, most innovative companies there – in technology, real estate, banking, and more – will see their share prices rise by triple-digit percentages (or more).

Steve holds a doctorate in finance and has worked as a stockbroker, vice president of a $50 million global mutual fund, and a hedge-fund manager.